My name is Dominik Effenberg
I'm a photographer based in Prague

I have been taking photos of concerts since 2005.
It combines my passion for photography with passion for rock music, and during this time I have taken pictures of countless great musicians.
Most of the photos was made right in the middle of the crowds, among other fans, capturing the incredible energy flowing between the stage and the audience. One of these photos, for example, could be seen on a poster announcing the traditional annual concert of Kamila Strihavka at the Retro Music Hall.
But I'm not just concentrating on concerts, my interest covers the whole range from portrait to product photography.
I have also completed a number of courses and I am an accredited photo reporter with a certificate from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


I mainly focus on concert photos but I am interested in other projects as well.
My other favorite categories are primarily portraits and architecture.